Price County Airport

Airport Overview
Price County Airport ( PBH ) is a corporate / transport type rated airport with two runways. The airport is located north of town within the city limits of Phillips, Wisconsin. The airport adjoins the Phillips Industrial Park and is within one mile of Phillips’ newest Industrial Park.
The airport is open and attended year-round, six days a week. During the demanding winter months, the airport’s two runway taxiways and aircraft parking area are cleared of snow daily as soon as practicable. If early arrival or departure is required contact the airport manager at 715-339-3701 or 715-820-0098.



Flight lunch catering is available by calling Harbor View Pub & Eatery at 715-339-2626. They open daily at 10:30 a.m. for lunch or dinner. They are located directly across the highway from the airport.
There are several motels and resorts located near the airport.  


  • Runway 1/19: 5,220 feet long
  • Runway 6/24: 3,950 feet long


The following fuel types are available:
  • 100LL
  • Jet A
  • Swift Unleaded 94 Octane
Credit cards accepted are Visa/MasterCard and Multiserve. View current prices online. Beach fuel available.

Flight Support

The Automated Weather Observation System III located on the airfield includes thunderstorm / lighting warning system. There is 24-hour airport weather observation available by phone at 715-339-4520.

Alternately, WeatherMation 4 flight planning computer is also available.

Airport Frequencies

  • AWOS / ATIS: 125.875
  • FAA Remote Communication Outlet: 122.05 (Green Bay Radio)
  • UNICOM / CTAF: 122.8