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Camper Registration Instructions
  1. Vacant site is a campsite without a brown registration receipt with the proper date on the site marker and without any easily identifiable camping equipment in the site.
  2. Occupy vacant site: The camping unit or another piece of easily identifiable camping equipment such as camping chair, screened tent, boat trailer, etc. must be left in the site during your stay (do not leave unattended coolers).
  3. Complete registration envelope; enclose proper fee and deposit in the metal box within 30 minutes.
  4. Display the brown registration receipt on your site marker. This must have the correct date and site number. Remove the site marker registration receipt when vacating the site.
  5. When in doubt as to whether or not a site is vacant, contact the caretaker.
Each family must pay a camping fee when occupying a site. One family per site, please. Additional family units may use the same site by paying an additional fee. A family unit is considered to include a parent or parents with their juvenile children.

Checkout time is 2 p.m.