Civil Process

The Price County Sheriff's Office handles the service of legal papers pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 59.27(4) which states, "The Sheriff, personally or by the undersheriff or deputies, serve or execute all processes, writs, precepts and orders issued or made by lawful authority and delivered to the Sheriff."

Papers for service will be accepted at the Sheriff's Office in person or they may be mailed to the Price County Sheriff's Office, PO Box B, Phillips, WI  54555. Papers for service may be accepted via fax under certain circumstances. Contact must be made with the Sheriff's Office at (715)339-3011 prior to papers being faxed and an explanation provided as to why the papers need to be be faxed for service.

Only papers for service within Price County will be accepted.

Any papers requiring same day service must be submitted before 9:00 a.m. unless prior arrangements have been made.

Pre-Payment is required for all Civil Process Services. The fees for service are set by County Board Resolution.


Pay Now Opens in new windowPlease choose Process Service from the drop down list under Payment Type when redirected. Enter the Invoice Number from your invoice to ensure your account is credited properly.

There is a convenience fee of 2.50% with a $2.00 minimum per transaction.


The Sheriff and Sheriff's Office staff are not allowed to give legal advice. Legal questions should be directed to your attorney or to the Lawyer Referral Service at 800-362-9082.
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Civil Process Rates
Effective 01/01/2012

Paper Service: 

Wisconsin Statute 814.705(1)(a)
$65 per person (Includes 3 attempts and
       return postage)

Wisconsin Statute 814.705(5)
 $65 per eviction plus Officer's time at the
        Productive Hourly Rate

 $65 per execution plus Officer's time at the
        Productive Hourly Rate
Sheriff's Sales:

Wisconsin Statute 814.705(1)(a)(2)
$75 for Posting
$75 for Held Sale
 Address Verification: $5 for each address verification requested
through the US Postal Service

2019 Productive Hourly Rate $40.88