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Welcome to the Price County Humane Officer site. Here you will find informative posts on educational materials regarding the care of domesticated animals, along with information about found animals and local area domestic animal events.

You will also find a link to license your dog or dogs online if you are a Price County resident.

This is also a place to securely and anonymously report  the abuse and neglect of domesticated animals.

The mission of the Price County Humane Officer is to protect the legitimate ownership of domesticated animals in Price County. 

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  1. Bat Skunk

    Rabies Facts

    Have you ever wondered how/where rabies is transmitted?? Read on...
  2. images (1)

    Tips for a Lost or Found Dog

    As the snow melts, new scents begin to attract our best friends. Read on...
  3. FB_IMG_1614478068888

    To Spay or Neuter or Not to Spay or Neuter?

    The choice to spay or neuter your pet may be one of the most important decisions you make impacting their long-term health—and your wallet! Read on...
  4. FB_IMG_1614959846444

    Have You Seen Cats with Ears Like This?

    Spring is on it's way and cats will be roaming Read on...
  5. DogTag (2)

    On-Line Dog Licensing

    Price County is now accepting new applications and renewals online for your pets! Find out all the details here! Read on...
  6. Dog-and-cat-edited

    See Something? Say Something!

    Do you know anything about abused, neglected or abandoned animals in Price County? Read on...
  7. download

    How Does Your Pet Measure Up?

    Is your pet in prime condition? The Nestle' Purina Body Condition System can help you find out! Read on...
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    Do You Recognize Us?

    Do You Recognize Us? Read on...
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