Dams Department

  1. Soo Lake Draw Down - Weimers Dam Rehabilitation

    Water level on Soo Lake will need to be drawn down by up to 4 ½ feet for concrete repair and gate installation as part of the continued rehabilitation of Weimers Dam. Read on...
  2. Phillips Chain Winter Draw Down

    Annual winter water level reduction is scheduled to begin Monday, October 18, 2021, on the Phillips Chain: Long Lake, Wilson Lake, Elk Lake, Duroy Lake and Musser Lake. Read on...
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This Dams Department operates six dams:
  • Jobes Dam creates these four named impoundments of water, Long Lake, Wilson Creek Flowage, Elk Lake, and Duroy Lake, which are commonly called the Phillips Chain of Lakes
  • Musser Dam creates Musser Flowage
  • Prentice Dam creates Prentice Flowage
  • Sailor Creek Flowage Dam creates Sailor Creek Flowage
  • Solberg Dam creates Solberg Lake
  • Weimers Dam creates Lac Sault Dore, commonly known as Soo Lake