Dams Department

  1. Request for Proposals 2023 Owner Inspection Jobes Dam

    The inspection is for a scheduled owner inspection to comply with State Statue Chapter 31.19, along with submittal of the inspection report to the Department of Natural Resources for this Dam. Read on...
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This Dams Department operates six dams:
  • Jobes Dam creates these four named impoundments of water, Long Lake, Wilson Creek Flowage, Elk Lake, and Duroy Lake, which are commonly called the Phillips Chain of Lakes
  • Musser Dam creates Musser Flowage
  • Prentice Dam creates Prentice Flowage
  • Sailor Creek Flowage Dam creates Sailor Creek Flowage
  • Solberg Dam creates Solberg Lake
  • Weimers Dam creates Lac Sault Dore, commonly known as Soo Lake