Land Use & UW-Extension Committee

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Committee Members

Other Committee Members

  • Lawrence Meives, FSA
  • Rachel Hoffman, School Administrator
Additional Committee Information
This committee, created under Wisconsin State Statutes §59.56(3)(b) and §92.06(1), has jurisdiction over the following County departments:
• Land Conservation
• UW-Extension
• Zoning

There shall be five (5) County Board members appointed to this committee plus the following members for specific requirements contained in the Wisconsin State Statutes. These additional members are participants and voting members for agenda items specifically related only to the area for which they are appointed. Those additional members are as follows:
1. Land Conservation: One (1) member of the County Farm Service Agency Committee (FSA) created under 16USC 590(h) other county agricultural stabilization and conservation committee.
2. UW-Extension: One (1) member that is a public school administrator and a resident in Price County.

Each meeting shall identify in its agenda the department areas to be covered as separate items with recognition of the committee members present and an adjournment of each department segment. A quorum shall be established based upon the members appointed to that department area of the agenda. For five appointed committee members, a quorum is three members. For six appointed committee members, a quorum is four members. No business shall be conducted unless a quorum is present. Each member of the committee shall be reimbursed for necessary expenses and shall be paid the same per diem as the members of the County Board which sit on this committee.

Roles and responsibilities of the committee:

1. Approve monthly expenditures for the Zoning, UW-Extension and Land Conservation Departments.
2. Represent the County interest with a partnership between the County, state and federal agencies, and the University of Wisconsin.


3. Approve land division requests and subdivision plats as required by the Subdivision Control Ordinances.
4. Act upon and hold public hearings on necessary requests for conditional use permits.
5. Hold public hearings upon and make recommendations to the County Board on requests to rezone or amend the various ordinances under their jurisdiction.
6. Approve appraisals on parcels to be sold by the county and to establish minimum bids for these parcels as directed by the Price County Land Sales Ordinance.
7. As per Wisconsin State Statute §59.69(2)(a) this committee is authorized to act, subject to Board approval, in all matters pertaining to county planning and zoning.

Land Conservation

8. Administer the county farmland preservation program.
9. Administer the wildlife damage abatement program.
10. Follow specific duties, powers and responsibilities granted to Land Conservation Committees under state law, which are found in Wisconsin State Statutes§92.06 and 92.07.


11. Supervise the work of the UW-Extension staff.
12. Reflect the interest of County residents in determining department programming per Wisconsin State Statute §59.56(3)(f).
13. Review and approve position descriptions of UW-Extension Faculty/Academic staff and appoint UW-Extension staff per Wisconsin State Statute §56.53(3)(c)(1).
14. Reach agreement with the University of Wisconsin Extension on the contracts to staff UW-Extension positions in Price County and forward the contract agreement to the Price County Administrator with a recommendation for approval.
15. May provide county representation at district and state meetings of County Extension Committees and Land Conservation Committees, such as the Wisconsin Associated County Extension Committees (WACEC) and the Northwest Area Wisconsin Land and Water Conservation Association (WLWCA).
16. Recommend an annual budget to the Price County Board for approval and the appropriation of the requested funding.
17. Specifically have the responsibility to formulate and execute the UW-Extension program per Wisconsin State Statute §59.56(3) and for the purposes of Wisconsin State Statute §59.56(3)(g).