Village of Catawba


  • Village of Catawba
    W9242 U.S. Highway 8
    Catawba, WI 54515
    Ph: 715-474-6714
  • Population: 110

Village Departments / Positions

  • Clerk: Shirley Kempen
    W9545 Midway Rd
    Catawba, WI  54515
    Ph: 715-474-2366
  • Treasurer: Gloria Lyons
    N4176 Woodlawn Rd
    Kennan, WI  54537
    Ph: 715-474-3427
  • Assessor: Elk River Appraisal
    W5749 County Road H
    Phillips, WI 54555
    Ph: 715-820-0541
  • Zoning: Board President

Village Board Members

  • President: Cheryl Moore
    W8781Tenneson Dr
    Catawba, WI  54515
    Ph: 715-474-6682
  • Trustee: Gayle Burcaw
    N4530 High St.
    Catawba, WI  54515
    Ph: 715-474-6637
  • Trustee: Richard Manula
    N4527 Main St.
    Catawba, WI  54515
    Ph: 715-474-2210

Property Tax Collection

  • 1st half or full payment due by January 31l
  • 2nd half payment due by July 31

All real estate taxes under $100, personal property taxes and special charges are due January 31 to the Village of Catawba

Please make the 1st or full payment to Village of Catawba Treasurer Gloria LyonsN4176 N. Woodlawn Rd, Kennan, WI  54537 and the 2nd payment to the Price County Treasurer.

Missed or Late Payment
If any one of the installment payments is missed or not paid by due date, the entire unpaid balance of taxes becomes delinquent and subject to 1.5% per month interest/penalty and option to pay in installments is lost.  Pursuant to Wisconsin Statute Section 74.47, interest and penalty of 1.5% per month on the whole unpaid balance and will be charged from February 1 regardless of when the tax due becomes delinquent. No matter what installment is missed, the total unpaid balance becomes due and payable and is subject to interest and penalty from February 1 option to pay in installments is lost.

Tax payments after February 1 are considered delinquent and payable to Price County Treasurer along with interest and penalty.  Payments after February 1 can be made with credit/debit card or E-check by using this payment portal. There is a 2.35% fee charged for credit/debit card payments and $1.50 for E-checks that the taxpayer is responsible.