Found Property

170.07 Lost chattels, notice. Except as provided in ss. 170.05 and 170.12, if a person finds $25 or more or any goods having a value of at least $25 but less than $100, and if the owner of the money is unknown, the finder shall, within five (5) days after finding the money or goods, give a written notice of the found money or goods to the law enforcement agency of the city, village or town in which the money or goods are found. That law enforcement agency shall post a notice (for a period of 90 days) of the found money or goods in two public places (i.e. website and Town Hall) in the city, village or town.

Golf Clubs
  • To claim this item, the owner must be able to identify the model and color of the golf clubs.

If you believe that you may be the owner of this found property please contact our office at 715.339.3011 during regular business hours.