HIV Partner Services

The Wisconsin HIV Partner Services (PS) Program is a public health strategy for reducing the spread of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).  PS is designed to assist HIV infected persons with the notification and referral of sexual and needle sharing partners.  PS is coordinated by the Wisconsin AIDS/HIV Program and is operated through local health departments.  Price County Public Health offers PS to the following counties: Ashland, Florence, Forest, Iron, Langlade, Lincoln, Oneida, Price, Sawyer, Taylor, and Vilas.

PS strictly confidential activities include services directed to HIV infected persons, their sex and needle sharing partners, and other contacts.

In working with HIV infected persons, PS staff will:

  • Assess medical and other needs
  • Assist in linking persons to needed resources
  • Assist in identifying and notifying sex and needle sharing partners and others at risk
  • Offer transmission prevention education and counseling
  • Follow-up to ensure clients receive appropriate care

In working with sex and needle-sharing partners and other contacts, PS staff will:

  • Notify persons about their possible exposure to HIV
  • Offer HIV antibody testing to individuals identified to be ar risk
  • Offer and refer persons for HIV prevention and behavior change education and couseling
  • Assess needs and assist in linking person to needed resources
  • Follow-up to ensure successful linkage to referrals