ATV, UTV & Off-Road Motorcycling

Trail System
The Price County region offers 5 trail systems for motorized vehicle enthusiasts to explore. The type of machines allowed on each trail system varies. Select the trail system that is right for you from the list of trail systems below. Types of machines: 
  • All-terrain Vehicles (ATV)
  • Utility-terrain Vehicles (UTV)
  • Off-road motorcycles


A four-wheeler with 2 passengers driving through yellow woods

Open/Close Dates & Rider Responsibility

Open and closed dates vary by trail system: Opening dates may be delayed if the trail surface remains wet and muddy. Please call to check the status prior to traveling a long distance.   

Flambeau Trail System and Solberg Trail - opens May 1 and closes March 15
Tuscobia State Trail (Price County section) - opens April 16 and closes November 15
Georgetown Trail -  opens May 15 and closes March 15
Flambeau River State Forest Trail - opens May 15 and closes March 15 
Price County Highway Routes
- opens May 15 and closes October 15 
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All of the trail systems allow direct access to food, lodging and services along routes that are public roads. While ATVs and UTVs are allowed on these routes / public roads when the route is properly signed, only street legal and licensed motorcycles are allowed on these routes. It is the responsibility of the rider to know and obey the law. 

Trail Systems

The Flambeau Trail System, Solberg Trail, Tuscobia State Trail, and Flambeau River State Forest Trail interconnect. The Georgetown Trail can be accessed from Phillips, Kennan or Catawba.

Winter Trail Riding

Trails open to winter ATV and UTV use include the Flambeau Trail SystemSolberg Trail and the Georgetown Trail. Additional trails open for winter riding once they are officially open to snowmobile use and only when the temperature is 28° Fahrenheit or colder include the Price County portion of the Pine Line Rail Trail (Prentice to Ogema), Snowmobile Trail 189 (Ogema to Timm’s Hill), and Snowmobile Trails 116, 181 and 118 (Prentice area loop).
For motorized trail and route maps visit the Trails page