Museums & Monuments

Several local historical societies operate local history museums in Price County. Learn about Native American history and the first settlers to this area. Discover the logging era and learn about the first European settlers.
  1. Finnish Immigrant Monument

    Dedicated in 1990 to Finnish settlers who immigrated at the turn of the century.

  2. Jump River Valley Historical Museum

    The Jump River Valley Historical Society was formed in 1993 to save the historic Catawba Town Hall from demolition.

  3. Knox Creek Heritage Center

    The Knox Creek Heritage Center, an affiliate of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin, is composed of 8 buildings and artifacts representing several ethnic groups in southeastern Price County.

  4. Lidice Monument

    This monument was completed and dedicated in 1944.

  5. Old Town Hall Museum & Greenfield School

    View these historical sites in Price County.

  6. Spirit Memorial Park

    Located on River Road off Highway86 in the Town of Spirit, the park includes a monument which is a replica of the North Fork Spirit Bridge, an historic double arch bridge built in 1910 over the North Fork of the Spirit River.

  7. Veteran's Memorial Eagle

    Take a look at this area Civil War mascot statue in Park Falls.

  8. VFW War Memorial Plane

    See the VFW War Memorial Plane online.

  9. Wisconsin Concrete Park

    View this park that has been selected as one of the 7 Wisconsin Man-made Wonders.

  10. Yesterday House, Liberty School & Machine Shed

    Yesterday House is a log house built in 1886 and currently furnished for a 1905 modest family of ordinary folks.