Managed Forest Land Taxes


Managed Forest Land (MFL) is taxed differently than real property which is calculated as (assessed value x net tax rate)

The Acreage Share Tax is derived by taking the # of acres x MFL Rate set for appropriate program of Open or Closed.
The MFL Acreage Rate is updated every
5 years.
 SB  434 law changes to MFL program passed Feb 4, 2016 - became Wisconsin Act 358 (summary of changes)
MFL Changes Signed into Law Feb 2016
Forest Land
2013-2017 MFL Acreage Rates
  • MFL Open (entered before 2005) $.79/acre ($.16/acre to county, $.63/acre to towns)
  • MFL Closed (entered before 2005) $1.87/acre (1.08/acre goes to state DNR and $.16/acre to county, $.63/acre to towns)
  • MFL Open (entered 2005 and later) $2.14/acre ( $.43/acre to country, $1.71/acre to towns)
  • MFL Closed (entered 2005 and later) $10.68/acre ($8.54/acre goes to state DNR and $.43/acre to county, $1.71/acre to towns)
  •  MFL Closed Ferrous Mining (new) (entered before 2005) $8.27/acre ($1.08/acre goes to DNR, $1.44/acre to county, $5.75/acre to towns)
Private Forest Crop Tax Rates For Land Entered
Time Fee
Before 1972
$0.10 (does not change)
After 1972
$2.52 (effective through 2017)